I’ve always wanted to make one of these.  Not only because they look cool, but they are very practical, and if you own a few handsaws, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Due to their size and shape, saws are difficult to store and they generally take up a lot of space.  You cannot stack them, or put them on a shelf, and they are too long for most cupboards.  Many woodworkers hang them off pegs around the workshop, but I find that untidy and a use of space that I don’t have.  The sawtill I made hangs on a French cleat quite high on the wall.  You can do this because you are grabbing the saw by the handle which is on the bottom end, and this in turn allows you the space to store tools below the sawtill.

I made this out of pine, under the supervision of a teacher.  The lessons learnt were very valuable (see my following two posts on hand cut dovetailed boxes), and being in an experienced woodworker’s shop is a lesson in itself-you get to see how they work, their work flow, their choice of tools etc.  My greatest personal benefit is from watching their style of working and their particular approach to a problem or technique which I compare against my own.


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