Jacaranda Shelf

I recently got a desk made of Jacaranda for my work office and needed a side unit for my phone and some files.  I had leftover Jacaranda from another project and decided to make a shelf  unit to fit the available space-780mm wide.  I made 3 shelves to bring it to a total height of 560mm.  The initial plan was to prepare the lumber quickly with the jointer & thicknesser, cut dadoes with the radial arm saw and do the rabbets for the ship-lapped backs on the router table.  It turned out that the machine didn’t do such a great job, so I had to still use the winding sticks and my fore plane. then my #7 and then the smoother.  So much for hand tools taking more time.  I created spaces between each back piece (made from reclaimed quarter-sawn Douglas Fir floorboards) with cardboard shims and nailed them into a rabbet in the back.  As it turned out, the radial arm sawn dadoes weren’t so tight-I will use hand tools next time.  Only the router table didn’t disappoint.

The quarter-sawn Doug Fir floorboards for the back. 
The Back Boards being assembled. 
Details of the rabbet.